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Kehbuma Langmia Ph.D – BIO:

Langmia Photo IIDr. Kehbuma Langmia is a Fulbright Scholar/Professor and an incoming Chair in the Department of Strategic, Legal and Management Communications at Howard University. He teaches research and other media-related courses.  A graduate from the Television and Film Academy in Munich, Germany, Langmia has extensive knowledge and training in media productions and management.  Since earning his PhD in mass communications and media studies from Howard University in 2006, he has written and published fiction and non-fiction books, book chapters and research articles in prominent national and international journals.

Langmia was a presenter in the panel for Extending Social Media Theory:
Our Past Provides a Pathway to the Future held in Chicago on Friday, November 21, 2014:

One-page PDF summaries of each presenter’s ideas can be found here:

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Langmia attended the Third World Studies Conference in India, 2013. Association of Third World Studies (ATWS)
31st Annual Conference which was held from 28-30 December 2013 in Chennai, India.Langmia Photo VII

He was the Keynote Speaker at Morgan State University Writing Center on November 13, 2014. Langmia was a presenter at the 2014 6th International Conference on Information and Communication Technology for Africa.

He co-edited Media and Technology in Emerging African Democracies with Cosmas Nwokeafor, Interim Dean for the Graduate School at Bowie State University. The book addresses the significant impact of advancement in technology and emerging African democracies. It was released in August 2010.

Among Langmia’s published works are An Evil Meal of Evil (Michigan State University Press, 2009), Minorities and Video Production (Kendall Hunt publishers, 2008); The Internet and The Construction of the Immigrant Public Sphere:The Case of the Cameroonian Diaspora ( University Press of America, 2007); Titabet and Takumbeng (Michigan State University Press, 2008); and Harnessing the power of African Traditional and Modern Media Systems to Avert Conflicts in Africa-book chapter in Communication in an era of global conflict (University Press of America, 2009).

His research articles have been published in the International Journal of Economic  Development-Using ICT, 2006, Benton Foundation Social Science Research Council (2006) and the Journal of Black Studies (2007). Some of his books including Minorities and Video Production, co-published with Dr. Pamela O’Brien, and The Internet and the construction of the immigrant public sphere are used for the Television 1 (COMM 331) and Applied Communication Research ( ORGC 738) courses.

Dr. Langmia has also presented papers at national and international conferences such as NCA, 2004-2007 (Boston, Chicago); ICA, 2007 in New York and 2009 in Melbourne, Australia; AEJMC in Washington DC, 2013, Boston, 2009, ECA in Pittsburg, 2008, and ATWS in Ghana, 2009.  In 2007, he was a fellow of the National Television Production Executive (NATPE), an opportunity which led him to complete a stint at FOX45 News station in Baltimore. He was profiled in Montclair’s “Who is Who in North American Universities” 2009-2010.